Monday, April 7, 2008


Somewhere along the way, my heart started to ache from not “hearing the voice of God.” Perhaps I only sought big clanging action words like “BAM!” and “HUTAH!” Or perhaps I craved someone reading my life like a book and just telling me what to do. 

Little by little, God has started to reveal the small and big ways He speaks: Community Daily people around me Common sense
Waiting Corporate worship People singing over my life  
Church leaders World around me  

This fear that I can’t hear Him or that I will miss Him somewhere along the way has got to diminish.

You fulfill even the deepest of dreams- this truth shatters me and leaves me vulnerable. There is always hope for redemption and change- the unexpected future will be worth it with You.  

There are many things God has fulfilled. He ushered me into His overflowing rivers of mercy, even when I was too numb to feel Him there. He opened my eyes to understand new perspectives and to see first hand what it means to be a leader in crisis. He opened the door for me to really sing over people and to come alive.  
Even though I have to start over, I know it will not be out of stripped brokenness. Rather, I move on through fulfilled seasons. His richness and hope will carry me. I pray He will connect me where ever I go next, and place beauty in my life like never before.  

The foundation has been established for You to declare new things over my life. You show me a picture of the future and then bury the seeds deeply in my heart. I open up my vision to hope again in impossibilities. Fulfillment ushers in a need for sensitivity for the next chapter- You never call me to a season of question marks. When You speak, You go past my mind and emotions and drop hot fire into my heart. May I always feel this strain, even when interference is more tangible than Your truth.